Residential Landscape Design

Our Philosophy

Wells Design provide Professional Landscape Design in Melbourne and suburbs. We strongly believe that professional design is essential to ensure our clients get the results they are seeking for their gardens and outdoor entertainment areas.

In the same way that you wouldn’t build a house without a plan, the same goes for your garden and outdoor spaces.


The first stage to creating a fine garden and landscape is to find out what you are looking for in your outdoor spaces. Our role is to help you to discover your dream through our consultation process. Our first meeting is an enjoyable time where we discuss your needs, provide great ideas and you too can contribute by bringing whatever ideas you have. Our Consultations are face to face with our Designers, Yvonne and Steve Wells. We are very friendly and welcoming and will put you at ease and help you to express your own requirements, whilst offering valuable advice and discussing the various options available for your project.

At this completion of the consultation, we will be able to provide a quotation for the Landscape Design.

Landscape Design

The next stage is to commence the design process. The final result of which we will prepare a professional Computer Aided Design (CAD) Landscape Design and Planting Schedule for your property

  • We will come to your property, check measurements from your house plan and draw in any of the renovations or changes that you may have had since the last drawing of your property.
  • At this time we will photograph your property so that we can view the various aspects of the existing site, seeing it from the many angles that you and your neighbours see it.
  • Your landscape and garden design will be developed by Yvonne  and Steve, who will create your new and wonderful garden design from those pictures, using the ideas that were discussed from the information supplied in our first meeting.
  • We will present to you a PDF of the design (in plan view)
  • Elevation views are also available at additional cost.
  • Any changes required will be discussed at the consultation and the design will be amended accordingly.

Your design will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. On completion we will send you the design PDF for you to review at your leisure. We can then arrange a zoom meeting design review, to discuss your design with you and make any amendments required. Our consultative design process means that in most cases, your design when presented will be for the most part a completed design. Of course there may be minor changes required to finalise the design to your requirements. Our design service includes on full set of amendments at no additional design fee charge.

If major changes are required from the original consultation briefing, normal design fee rates will apply